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All University of Pittsburgh faculty, staff, and students with a valid University Computing Account may use any of the Student Computing Labs and Pitt Print Stations. They are conveniently located throughout the Pittsburgh campus close to residence halls and classrooms.

The Virtual Computing Lab provides a powerful remote experience that is available 24/7 and has additional software that is not installed on the physical lab computers. By using Windows Virtual Desktop, any personal device with an Internet connection can become a lab PC—regardless of the user’s location.

Additionally, Pitt IT offers Microsoft Azure Lab Services at no cost* for use in computer programming, data science, cybersecurity, information science, systems administration, and other academic courses. Azure Lab Services enables instructors to easily build a customized, cloud-based sandbox computing lab environment for their students. With Azure Lab Services, instructors can focus on teaching and hands-on application, while the service handles the infrastructure management.

About This Service

Key Features

  • Access to Hardware and Software: The Computing Labs provide access to a wide range of computing resources, including computers, printers, scanners, and specialized software applications.
  • Technical Support: Lab staff members are typically available to provide technical support and assistance to users. They can help troubleshoot hardware or software issues, answer questions, and provide guidance on utilizing lab resources effectively.
  • Extended Operating Hours: The Computing Labs often have extended operating hours compared to other campus facilities, allowing students to access computing resources outside of regular classroom hours. This accommodates different schedules and helps ensure availability during peak times.
  • Learning Opportunities: Attend workshops, training sessions, or tutorials on various topics related to technology, software applications, or programming languages.
  • Cloud-based and available from anywhere: Log in from almost any device to access lab software and resources that you use while sitting in a Pitt IT Student Computing Lab on campus. The software available in Campus Computing Lab, many lab classrooms, and available for free for students’ personal devices such as computers, tablets, and phones.
  • Hands-on Instruction: Through Azure Lab Services, instructors create machine templates replicated for each student for multiple courses or multiple sessions of the same course. Students can set up virtual machines within their virtual environment, so they can practice setting up servers, networks, and PCs from scratch. VMs can automatically power on during scheduled classes, and more hours can be allotted for students to work on assignments and projects outside of class.

Getting and Using This Service

How do I access this service?

Special Considerations

How do I request this service?

Campus Lab Reservations: Requests are now submitted through 25LivePro. For more information, please visit The Office of the University Registrar’s Classroom Scheduling page. When completing the Event Form, please select Academic/University Events – Pitt IT when choosing the Event Type.

Who can use this service?

Students, Faculty, Staff


How do I get help?

Submit a ticket by clicking the Request Help button on the upper right hand corner of this page.

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The Pitt IT Virtual Lab enables you to remotely access lab software and resources that you use while sitting in a Pitt IT Student Computing Lab on campus. The convenience of the Virtual Lab is that you can access it from any location, using almost any computer or mobile device, at any time of day. It's your personal 24/7, on-the-go lab.


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