Personalizing Your Pitt Email Address


Now you can personalize the appearance of your Pitt Email (Outlook) address by adding an email alias to your Pitt Email (Outlook) address. An alias is simply an additional email address that people can use to send email messages to you at Pitt.

Let’s say your name is John Smith and your current Pitt Email (Outlook) address is You might decide to add an email alias such as or to make your address a bit easier for others to remember.

Setting an email alias will not change how you receive your University email. All email–whether it is sent to your email alias or to your official University email address–will be delivered to the same place you read it today. Email aliases also do not change your official University Computing Account username. When you log in to Pitt services, you must use your username (or email address), not your email alias.



Students, faculty, and staff can add up to two email aliases at My Pitt: 

  1. Log in to Accounts Self-Service (
  2. From the Email Aliases tab, read the guidelines for alias addresses.
  3. Enter the alias address and its preferences under Create New Email Address.
  4. Click Create Email Alias.


Frequently Asked Questions About Email Aliases

Does an email alias replace my official University email address?

No. Your official University email address does not change or go away if you decide to create an email alias. An email address is just another address that can be used in addition to your University email address.

Why would I want to use an email alias? 

There are many reasons why someone might be interested in using an email alias. You might want to create an email alias that is easy for others to remember. You may want to create an alias that you can use when you are representing a University club or organization. Or you might want create an alias that you share with your students and a separate one to share with colleagues.

Will setting an email alias change the username and password that I use to log in to myPitt and other services?

No. You will still use your official University Computing Account username and password to log in to myPitt ( and other enterprise technology services. If you need to log in with your email address, you will log in with, not your email alias.    

If I create an email alias, will I miss messages that are sent to my official University email address?

No. You will receive your University email in the same location you do today. This is regardless of whether the message is sent to one of your aliases or your official University address.

What if two people request the same email alias?

Email aliases are granted on a first-come, first-served basis. When you log in to create your email alias, you can check to see if the alias in which you are interested is still available. 

If I add an email alias, which email address will display in the “From” field when I send someone an email message?

When you set an email alias, you will be able to select which email address you want to use as your “From Address.” The email address you select will display in the “From” field when you send a message to someone. You can make one of your email aliases your "From" address, or you can keep your official University email address as your "From" address.  

How many aliases can I add?

You can add up to two email aliases.

Can I set an external email address (for example, a Gmail address) as my email alias?

No. All email aliases must end with

I have a sponsored account. Can I set an email alias for it?

Yes. If you have a sponsored (rather than a primary) University Computing Account, you can still set up to two email aliases.

Can I delete an email alias that I have created?

No. The service is intended to enable students, faculty, and staff to create email aliases that can be used on a long-term basis to meet ongoing academic or business needs. To help discourage the creation of short-term, temporary email aliases, individuals will not have the ability to delete or remove an email alias that they have created.

What criteria must my email alias meet?

Your email alias can contain letters, numbers, periods, dashes, and underscores. It must meet the following criteria:

  • Alias should not be used to misrepresent your identity.
  • Alias should be professional in nature.
  • Alias must be longer than eight characters or contain a period, dash, or underscore. This requirement will prevent your alias from conflicting with actual Pitt usernames that may be created in the future for new students, faculty, and staff.

I currently forward my University email to another address. If I create an email address, will messages sent to that alias also be forwarded?

Yes. Messages sent to your email alias will adhere to your current email forwarding preferences.

If I create an email alias and set it as my “From” address, will it also show up as my “advertised email address” in Find People (

No. Setting an email alias as your “From” address will have no effect on the advertised email address that displays when someone searches for you on Find People ( To change the advertised email address that displays on Find People, log in to the Accounts Self-Service ( page. Then click on the Email & Messaging > Forwarding tab, update the selections, and then click Save Forwarding.


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