Enhancing Security By Deactivating Unused Alumni Computing Accounts

Pitt Information Technology is committed to protecting the University of Pittsburgh’s computing environment and safeguarding University data. Unused computing accounts present a security risk. Attackers often attempt to compromise unused Alumni accounts to send phishing scams or for other nefarious purposes. Alumni accounts have been used to send tens of thousands of phishing-related messages.  

To mitigate this risk, the University is instituting a process to deactivate Alumni accounts that have not been used in 180 days or more. Alumni accounts provide access to Pitt Email, transcripts, and some other services. Alumni will be able to re-establish their account if circumstances change and they would like to begin using the account.

Beginning July 10, 2024, individuals who have not used their Alumni account in 180 days will receive an email explaining that their account will be deactivated in 28 days.

Alumni who wish to keep their account can follow the instructions in the email or log in to myPitt (my.pitt.edu) using their Pitt credentials. Alumni who do not wish to keep their account do not need to take any action. To keep an Alumni account active moving forward, individuals must log in to it at least once every 180 days via myPitt.

To further enhance security, multifactor authentication will be added as an extra layer of protection to active Alumni accounts about one month after the start of fall term 2024.

If you have questions or need assistance with Alumni accounts, please contact the Technology Help Desk at +1-412-624-HELP (4357). 

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