Frequently Asked Questions About Alumni Accounts and Email


Below are answers to frequently asked questions about Alumni accounts.



What services are Alumni able to use?

Beginning with spring 2015 graduates, alumni are able to use the following services:

  • Pitt Email (Outlook)–via
  • Pitt Password Manager (LastPass) personal accounts
  • Enterprise Spam and Virus Filter
  • PittNet Wi-Fi (while on campus)
  • Eduroam (wireless access using your Pitt account from participating institutions around the world)
  • View your grades online via the Student Information System (PeopleSoft)
  • Order transcripts and enrollment verifications online 
  • Account Management tools, including the ability to update your name and photo, change your University password, or reset your password if you forget it
  • Access to the Technology Help Desk via live online chat, phone, or email
  • Access to PittPAY

Is my Alumni email address the same as my primary University email address?

Yes. Your University email address remains the same. The only exception is if you have been a faculty or staff member within 120 days of your student account's termination. See "Who does not receive an Alumni account" below for details. 

How do I access my Pitt Email (Outlook)? 

If you have configured a mobile device to access your Pitt Email (Outlook), it continues to work once your primary student account transitions to an Alumni account. You can also access your email by logging in to or through the myPitt ( website (after selecting your "Alumni" role).

Who is entitled to retain their University email account?

All graduating students (beginning with spring 2015 graduates).

Who is not entitled to retain their University email account?  

Faculty and staff members do not receive an Alumni account when they leave the University. Additionally, if you are a graduating student and you have been a faculty or staff member within 120 days of your student account's termination, then you will not automatically receive an Alumni account. However, If you wish to have a separate Alumni account created, contact the Responsibility Center Administer for your school to request one.

How do I know when my Alumni account is active?

University Computing Accounts for graduating students will automatically begin transitioning to Alumni status starting approximately 4-weeks after graduation, and students will receive email notifications during the transition process.

Does my Alumni account expire?

Yes. You must log in to your Alumni account at least once per year to keep it active. Inactive accounts pose a security risk and will be deactivated. We will contact you approximately 28 days before your account is scheduled to be deactivated and ask you to confirm whether you want to keep your Alumni account. If you do not indicate that you want to keep your Alumni account, we will deactivate it.

I have an email forwarding address for my University email. Will my email still be forwarded to that address once I have my Alumni account?

Yes. Your University email will still be forwarded. 

Can I update the email forwarding for my Alumni account?

Yes. You can update your email forwarding using the same process that applies to primary accounts.

What happens to my Alumni account if I come back to Pitt after I graduate (for example, to take additional classes or as a faculty or staff hire)?

If you return to Pitt as a student, your account converts back to a primary student University Computing Account. If you return to Pitt as a faculty or staff member, a new account is created for you. You will still have access to your Alumni account, as well.


Advanced Settings

Some University departments that provide additional technology services may want to allow alumni access to these services or restrict these services (for example, because of licensing requirements). Technical information intended to help departmental IT staff modify access to their services for alumni is available on our Enterprise Active Directory Frequently Asked Questions page.


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Alumni Services

Order a transcript and have it delivered via email or through our secure, electronic PDF delivery process.

View your grades with PeopleSoft/HighPoint CX.

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