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Pinned Article Getting Started with Single Sign-On and Pitt Passport

Pitt Passport is the University’s single sign-on service that delivers a consistent, trusted login experience across a range of University services.

Pinned Article Managing Your University Computing Account

Information about University accounts and account activation

Accepting the University’s Financial Responsibility Agreement with Pitt Passport

You will be presented with the FRA in Pitt Passport twice per academic year: once in early October, and again in early March. After you accept it, a copy of the FRA will be sent to your University email address for your records.

Accessing Email and Other Alumni IT Services

Beginning with spring 2015 graduates, graduating students can keep their Pitt Email (Outlook) mailbox, including all of the contents, for as long as they like. As an alumnus, you will also have access to a variety of other IT services.

Accessing Resources from External Institutions

How to access resources from external institutions (NIH)

Activating Your University Computing Account

The Self-Service Account Activation process is used by Pitt applicants, students, and employees for setting up their University Computing Account. A University Computing Account is the key to accessing technology resources at the University — including email, PittNet Wi-Fi and wired networks, computing labs, and Pitt Worx.

Enhancing Security By Deactivating Unused Alumni Computing Accounts

Unused Alumni computing accounts present a security risk. Beginning July 10, 2024, individuals who have not used their Alumni account in 180 days will receive an email explaining that their account will be deactivated in 28 days.

Find Your Current Responsibility Center (RC) Account Administrators

A list of the University's Responsibility Center Account Administrators

Frequently Asked Questions About Alumni Accounts and Email

Answers to frequently asked questions about Alumni accounts.

How to Enable Group Delegation By Responsibility Center in Directory Services

This article shows how to enable group delegation by responsibility center.

I Changed My Password and Now I Can't Log In to My Work Computer

Changed your password and can't log into the computer? Try these steps!

Information Technology Graduation Checklist

Technology checklist for graduating students

Pitt Passport: Using Pitt Passport for Your Departmental Service or Application

Pitt Passport is the trusted, single sign-on service that presents a uniform login experience for all University web-based services. With Pitt Passport, Pitt users see the same, familiar login page and web address when they connect to web services provided by the University. This service can also be used to provide secure logins for department services including hosted (on-premises) and cloud-based.

Replacing Sponsored Accounts with Resource Accounts for Shared Pitt Email Mailboxes

This change is occurring because Pitt IT is enabling Modern authentication for Pitt Email on May 20 in response to Microsoft’s announcement that it is ending support for Basic authentication.

Resetting a Forgotten Password

How to reset your University Computing Account password

Setting Your Email Preferences

Setting email preferences

Sponsored Accounts General Information

Sponsored Accounts General Information

Supervisor Technology Considerations when Terminating Staff

Technology Services checklist for terminating (offboarding) staff.

Technology Considerations When Planning Retirement

Your friends at Pitt IT wish you a most fun and relaxing retirement. However, before you move on to that well-deserved life of leisure, please take a few moments to wrap up some important technology items.

Understanding Federated Authentication and User Identity

Privacy Statement for Identity Provider Users

Understanding Shibboleth, InCommon, and Federated Identity Management

Information about Shibboleth, InCommon, and attributes

University Account General Information

General Information about Authentication and Authorization, including the Central Directory Service, Enterprise Active Directory, Single Sign-On, and more

Updating User Identity and Account Information

Update your user identity and account information.

What is a Responsibility Center (RC) Account Administrator?

Information about Responsibility Center Account Administrators