Supervisor Technology Considerations when Terminating Staff


See below for the Technology Services checklist for terminating (offboarding) staff.



Technology Devices and Accessories Owned by the University

Identify all technology devices and accessories owned by the University that have been assigned to the terminating employee. This includes: tablets, phones, University owned software, laptop and desktop computers, external hard drives. Confirm that all devices have been returned.

For Desktop and Laptop Computers:

  • As appropriate, instruct employee to forward business related information to their supervisor.
  • Instruct employee not to delete University data from the device.
  • If the employee has personal information on the device, this should be removed by employee.


Technology Devices and Accessories owned by an Individual

  • Confirm with employee that all University-related information and software has been removed from personally-owned technology devices.


University Office Phone

  • Immediate: If voicemail is set up for the employee's office phone, an out-of-office message should be recorded.
  • If employee has the voicemail to email or the SendToMobile features enabled, these should be disabled.
  • Longer Term: Contact Pitt IT Telecommunications to have the office phone disconnected or assigned to a different employee.



  • Within 24 hours of the Employee Record (ER) being processed, the University Computing Account for the employee will be demoted to a sponsored account and scheduled to terminate in 14 days. This account controls all access and technology privileges to University resources, including email. As part of this process a standard out of office response will implemented when the account is terminated and senders will receive the out of office response. Once the account terminates, any forwarding options previously in place for the email account will be eliminated.
  • Employees and departments can and should customize the out-of-office response to meet the needs of the department. This should be done on the day the employee terminates. The response can direct the sender to forward business-related email to a new email address, and if desired, indicate where personal email can be directed. For example: This account is no longer active: all business-related email should be directed to ( and any personal email can be directed to (
  • Please note that during the 14 days when the sponsored account is in place, email will be able to be delivered to this account. Only the employee will be able to access it. Therefore, if the department wishes to disable the account immediately, this request should be made to the Technology Help Desk by the supervisor.


Cloud Storage (Box and OneDrive) and Services

Employees have the option to use the University-supported services for Cloud Storage (Box and OneDrive), although there is nothing to prohibit them from using other cloud storage services. Access to Cloud Storage (Box and OneDrive) will terminate at the time the email account terminates.

  • Instruct employee to review all materials located on cloud storage services and forward all relevant information to their supervisor.
  • Confirm with employee that Pitt-related information has been deleted from cloud storage.


Server Access

As noted previously, the employee's University Computing Account is active as a sponsored account for 14 days after the Employee Record is processed. It is extremely important that a terminated employee does not have access to Enterprise or Departmental systems after the termination date.

  • Identify any server or enterprise system access that an employee has been granted. For enterprise systems such as the Student Information System (PeopleSoft) or PRISM, the security contact within the department maintains this information. For departmental systems, the IT contact within the department maintains this information. All access should be disabled no later than the termination date for the employee.


Online Survey System (Qualtrics) Access

  • Confirm with employee that they submitted a request to the Technology Help Desk to transfer ownership of University-related Online Survey System (Qualtrics) surveys and survey results to their supervisor.


Zoom Access

  • Access to Zoom through Pitt will terminate at the time the email account terminates. If the employee hosts any recurring meetings, they should cancel them, and a University colleague should reschedule the meetings. 


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