Getting Started with Zoom


Instructional Zoom meetings recorded to the cloud will be stored only in Lecture Capture (Panopto). Instructional recordings captured in Zoom will automatically be placed in a class folder and deleted from Zoom. Any recordings made from outside of Canvas will be stored in the Zoom cloud instead of Panopto for 30 days. Learn more…


Zoom Online Meetings, Chat, and Collaboration

Zoom is an online and mobile meeting solution that combines real-time chat, content sharing, and video in an easy-to-use interface to enrich teaching and learning. It integrates with the University’s new Learning Management System (Canvas) and with Zoom Rooms hybrid classroom technology to facilitate remote teaching and learning.

Online Student Engagement and Learning

  • Conduct virtual classes: Stream lessons to students (500 attendees for faculty accounts; 300 attendees for staff accounts).
  • Facilitate collaboration: Utilize one-click content sharing, co-annotation, polling, digital whiteboarding, and breakout rooms to engage students.
  • Present from the classroom: Utilize technology-enabled classrooms on campus to stream lessons to your students.
  • Record classes: Record classes and lessons to help students review material (be sure to obtain consent from all parties prior to recording).
  • Host virtual office hours: Use Zoom meetings to meet with students for office hours.



Creating and Logging Into Your University Zoom Account

You can create a brand new Zoom account with your Pitt email address or link an existing Zoom account that uses your Pitt email address.

Creating Your University Zoom Account


Scheduling a Meeting

Participants do not need a Zoom account in order to attend a meeting. You only need a Zoom account to schedule or host Zoom meetings. See Zoom Rooms for information about scheduling a meeting in a Zoom Room.

From the Zoom Desktop Client
From the Zoom Web Portal
From Outlook


Scheduling and Starting Meetings on Behalf of Someone Else

Scheduling Meetings on Behalf of Someone Else
Starting Meetings on Behalf of Someone Else


Types of Zoom Meetings

Meeting Type Max. attendees in a single meeting  Who Can Schedule Meeting Length
Basic license 100 Sponsored accounts 40-minute limit
Regular meeting 300 Students and staff 24-hour limit
Large meeting 500 Faculty 24-hour limit
Webinar 500 Granted as needed upon review 24-hour limit
SIP H.323 phone connector Based upon license type Granted as needed upon review 24-hour limit


Zoom Meetings: Etiquette and Best Practices

Review these tips to ensure a positive experience for all your participants.


Closed Captioning and Transcripts

Live Closed Captioning
Audio Transcripts
Live Transcripts


Acceptable Use

Zoom is intended to support teaching, learning, research, and University-related business activities. Use of Zoom is subject to the University’s Acceptable Computing Access and Use guidelines.


Zoom Preparations for Individuals Leaving Pitt

Individuals who graduate, retire, or otherwise leave the University lose access to Zoom through Therefore, Pitt IT advises anyone leaving the University to cancel their recurring Zoom meetings and ask a University colleague to reschedule them. In addition, you may wish to download any recorded meetings that you have saved in the Panopto cloud or the Zoom cloud. 



HIPAA Compliance


Preventing and Reporting Zoombombing



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