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The following information outlines the steps necessary to host more secure Zoom meetings and webinars. Using the settings recommended below can protect your meetings against Zoom bombing, a practice in which an uninvited attendee disrupts a Zoom meeting by sharing inappropriate or offensive material. 



As the host of a Zoom meeting or webinar, you are responsible for ensuring the appropriate settings are in place to protect your meeting. If you have questions or need help adjusting your settings, please contact the Technology Help Desk at any time for assistance. 

  • Reminder: The University of Pittsburgh’s standard Zoom environment is not HIPAA compliant. However, the University provides access to a separate HIPAA-compliant Zoom environment for those who are conducting tele-medicine appointments or are hosting meetings that discuss protected health information. Learn more ...

Types of Zoom Meetings

Before applying recommended settings, use the table below to help determine whether your meeting is better suited to a Zoom Meeting or a Zoom Webinar.

Meeting Type Max. attendees in a single meeting  Who Can Schedule Meeting Length
Basic license 100 Sponsored accounts 40-minute limit
Regular meeting 300 Faculty, Students and staff 24-hour limit
Large meeting 500 Available for purchase 24-hour limit
Webinar 500 Available for purchase 24-hour limit

Recommended Zoom Settings

External Meeting Settings (Some Participants May Be Unknown)
Academic Meeting Settings (All Participants Are Known)
Administrative Meeting Settings (All Participants Are Known)

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