Comparing Zoom and Team Features


Zoom Videoconferencing and Microsoft Teams are both powerful tools that combine real-time chat, content sharing, and video. Each has its unique strengths. (If you're new to Zoom, these training resources will help you get started quickly.) 

Review the tables below to help determine which solution best meets your needs.  



HIPAA Compliance

The University of Pittsburgh’s standard Zoom environment is not HIPAA compliant. However, the University provides access to a separate HIPAA-compliant Zoom environment for those who are conducting tele-medicine appointments or are hosting meetings that discuss protected health information. To use Zoom for HIPAA-related meetings, please see the Zoom and HIPAA Compliance page.

Teams is HIPAA compliant.


Virtual Classroom and Training Webinars/Live Events

Function Zoom Teams
Automated/Live Captioning No (manual or 3rd party vendor options available) Yes
Breakout Rooms No Yes
Chat with Classmates/Attendees Yes Yes (limited to 100 participants)
Collaborative Tools (In-Meeting) Yes Yes
File Transfer Yes, panelists on client only Yes
Live Transcription Yes (non-HIPAA only) Yes
Maximum Event Duration 24 hours 4 hours (live events)
Number of Participants 500 (larger webinars are available at a cost through Zoom) 10,000
Q&A Tool Yes Chat (limited to meeting size, requires add-in module)
Recording  Yes Yes
Video Sharing Yes Yes
Virtually Raise Hand Yes Yes



Virtual Meetings and Conferences

Function Zoom Teams
Audio/Video Calls Yes (audio calls require all parties use Zoom) Yes
Automated/Live Captioning No (manual or 3rd party vendor options available) Yes
Breakout Rooms Yes Yes
Chat Yes Yes (1,000 participants)
File transfer Yes Yes
Guest join* ** Yes Via browser
Live Transcription Yes (non-HIPAA only) Yes
Lobby / Waiting room Yes Yes
Maximum Event Duration (live events) 24 hours 4 hours
Number of Participants 300 1,000 (20,000 listen)
Number of Participants (For Faculty Hosts) 500 1,000 (20,000 listen)
Outlook Calendar integration Future feature (Outlook Calendar add-in available) Yes
Phone Conf Bridge Included Yes Yes
Recording Local or Cloud Cloud
Remote Control Yes Yes
Screen Sharing Yes Yes
Together Mode/Immersive View Yes Yes
Video Background Blur Blur, Custom Background

Custom Background

Video Sharing All Participants Presenters



* Zoom defines a guest is identified as someone who is not signed in to a Zoom account or is signed with an email address that is not in the same account as the host.
** In Teams, a 'guest' is defined as someone from outside the tenant, in this case outside the University community, that has been invited to join a meeting or live event.


Instant Messaging

Function Zoom Teams
File transfer via chat Yes Yes
Instant Messaging Yes Yes
Persistent Instant Messaging 2 years Unlimited
Public Group chat Yes (limited to 10,000 participants) Yes (limited to 10,000 participants)
Screen Sharing Yes Yes (limited to 20 participants)
Screen Sharing from Chat No Yes (limited to 20 participants)
Whiteboard Yes Yes



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