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The new PeopleSoft homepage consists of tiles that show information to the end-user and enable easy navigation around the system. By default, users will see three prominent tiles on the homepage. The top tile shares a few helpful notes to get users started in the system.

The two lower tiles link the user to either PeopleSoft Classic or PeopleSoft Campus Experience (CX)



The Campus Experience tile links to PeopleSoft HighPoint CX, which provides access to commonly used PeopleSoft self-service tasks, in addition to the Student Center, Advisor Center and Faculty Center. 

The Student Center Classic tile links to the former desktop layout of The Student Information System (PeopleSoft)

How to use the NavBar 

The new homepage provides quick access to PeopleSoft resources via the NavBar, which can be located by the compass icon in the top right corner of the dashboard. The NavBar is PeopleSoft’s preferred navigation method.  

The NavBar expands to grant access to four PeopleSoft components: Recently VisitedFavoritesMenu, and Classic Home

NavBar: Recently Visited 

The Recently Visited tab lists a user’s recently visited components. Users can easily navigate back to components from this list. 

NavBar: Favorites 

The Favorites tab organizes a list of components that has been defined by the user. This tab enables the user to choose frequently visited components and add them to a list for easy access. 

NavBar: Menu 

The Menu tab provides navigation access to various pages in PeopleSoft. When selected, users may trace the menu breadcrumbs, which allow the user to navigate to the root level of the menu or to any other sub-level of the menu. For example, clicking on ‘Menu’ will navigate the user to the root level of the menu.  Clicking on ‘Campus Community’ will navigate the user to that level of the menu. 

NavBar: Classic Home 

The Classic Home tab provides the user with the option to navigate PeopleSoft in the same way they did prior to the upgrade. Please note, this method is no longer supported by the developer of PeopleSoft. 

How to Find the Homepage 

Once in PeopleSoft, the house icon in the top right corner of the screen will always return a user to the newly designed homepage. 


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