Unsubscribe Someone From Receiving Marketing Cloud Emails


Sometimes a person you have emailed with reaches out to you and asks to be unsubscribed from receiving future communications.

The process below is for Contacts and Leads that are migrating into Marketing Cloud from upstream systems like Salesforce/Peoplesoft and CDS.

Due to CAN-SPAM (you can find more information on that here), you are required to honor someone’s request.




If the person you emailed replied to you from the email they sent you: 

  1. The message will contain a unique link for their Subscription Center. Click on that link and find your business unit in the list that comes up.
  2. Scroll down to that and move the sliders so the person is opted out for your business unit.

If they have not provided the email with the link:

  1. For the majority of contacts in Marketing Cloud, the source of truth is upstream in Salesforce.
  2. Log into Salesforce and find that person’s Contact or Lead Record.  Find the ID for that record in the URL.Salesforce screenshot
  3. If the person has a Contact record it will start with "003"; if the person is a Lead it will start with "00Q"
  4. Copy the full ID and paste it into the link below, after the equal sign :

Before pasting:


After pasting (example):


  1. Then follow the steps up above (find your business unit and slide the sliders to the left to opt out for them)
  2. The person will be sent an email notification indicating that they have been opted out.

The data will migrate over to Marketing Cloud and the person will get onto the auto suppression list that runs in the overnight hours. At that point they will be blocked from receiving emails within the parameters set by CAN-SPAM.

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