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Decision Letter Data Flow for Graduate Admissions

This article will document the data flow of an applicant's information from submission of application for the admission and recruiting groups to admit/deny letters. The intended audience is those that are admitting/denying an application and the staff members responsible for sending decision letters.

Formatting Your Images for Marketing Cloud Email

How to correct image formatting settings in Marketing Cloud

How to create a Data Extract in Marketing Cloud

This article will help you build a data extract in Marketing Cloud to export the information from a data extension to the safehouse or an FTP

How to Create a Data Filter in Marketing Cloud for use in automation

How to create a data filter so that people can be automatically added to it and potentially injected into a journey

How to create a data relationship between two data extensions (audiences)

Data relationships are necessary if you would like to look for members of one data extension (audience) that have a certain attribute, but are filtering from a separate data extension (audience). The two audiences need to have at least one similar field so that they can be connected to one another. Creating a data relationship will allow you to always filter between the two audiences (data extensions)

How to do a one-time email send in Marketing Cloud

This article guides communicators through a basic email one-time send within the Marketing Cloud platform.

Instructions on how to cancel a scheduled send in Marketing Cloud

How to cancel a send in Marketing Cloud that is not part of an Automation or a Journey

Unsubscribe Someone From Receiving Marketing Cloud Emails

This article will guide people who use the Marketing Cloud application through the process of unsubscribing someone manually from their business unit if the person they have emailed reaches out and asks them to. Special Note: there is an automatic process that the receiver of the email can do themselves to unsubscribe, but at times they do reach out to the University of Pittsburgh department directly.

Using Automation Studio to apply filter criteria automatically

This article will guide you through the steps for creating an automation that will automatically search for people that meet the criteria of a data filter that you create and inject them into a journey