Instructions on how to cancel a scheduled send in Marketing Cloud

To cancel a scheduled send, follow the following six steps:

  1. Log in to the Marketing Cloud application
  2. Navigate to the Email Studio section
  3. Select the Interactions menu option on top navigation bar
    Select Interactions menu item in Email Studio
  4. Select Salesforce Send Emails menu option on left side navigation tree
    Select Salesforce Sends from left navigation tree, then select "View Active Sends"
  5. Next, click the View Active Sends button in top menu
  6. Check the box to left of the email job that has a status of "Scheduled" that you wish to cancel
  7. Select Cancel Send button above the list of jobs 
    Select box to left of email job that you wish to cancel, then select cancel send above
  8. When pop up menu appears asking you "Are you sure you want to cancel the selected send?" Select OK 
  9. Your screen will now show a green bar above the email jobs that reads "Cancellation successfully requested"
  10. The status of your job will either read "Cancel Pending" or "Cancelled"
    After confirming cancellation request, a bar stating that your cancellation was successful will appear and the status of the email job will change to cancelled or cancel pending
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