How to do a one-time email send in Marketing Cloud

This article presumes you have already created the audience you wish to send to, the content you wish to send, and you have tested the content.

  1. Log in to Marketing Cloud (
  2. Hover over "Email Studio" in the app-switcher menu at top of screen
  3. Select "Email" from the dropdown
  4. From the Email Studio Homepage, select "Content" from the top navigation menu and find the content you wish to send.
  5. Select the email you want to send by checking the box on the left side of it.
  6. Then on the right side of the email, find the down arrow carrot to reveal a list of actions you can take on the email. Select "Send".
  7. The next few steps will walk through configuring different send configurations that you will need to set before the email gets sent
  8. The first tab is "Define Properties". In it, Set the "Subject", "Preheader Text", "Send Classification", and "Sender Profile.
  9. Once configured as desired, Select the "Next" button on upper right to proceed to the "Select Audience" tab
  10. Navigate to the audience you created (the data extension) and that you wish to send to and select it.
  11. Drag and drop the desired data extension into the "Targeted" section on right. When you do this you will receive a pop up box where "All Subscribers" should be selected
    Popup image:
  12. When done configuring move onto the next tab "Configure Delivery", this is where you will configure when you want the email to send, once you have configured the date and time (or immediately), navigate to the next tab "Review and Send"
  13.  This page will show a synopsis of the configurations you just made, review it, then in the upper left check the box that says  "This information is correct and this email is ready to send.​​​​​​
  14. Select "send" in upper right and your email will be sent

To watch videos on how to do this, please visit the Marketing Cloud Training Portal in Sharepoint.

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