How to Create a Data Filter in Marketing Cloud for use in automation

  1. Log in to Marketing Cloud (
  2. Select the "Email Studio" option from the menu bar
  3. Click "Email" from the dropdown menu bar
  4. Hover over the "Subscribers" dropdown menu bar
  5. Select "Data Filters" from the menu
    select the data filter option on subscribe menu drop down
  6. Navigate to the folder in the tree structure under "Data Filter" where you would like to create a data filter.
  7. Select the folder
  8. Click Create on the right side of the screen at top to create your data filter
  9. Select the build the filter from "Data Extension" option, then select "OK"
    Select the data extension option then "Ok"
  10. Select the Data Extension you would like to filter from and click "OK"
  11. From the left "Fields" column, drag the field/s that you would like to specify criteria about to the workspace on the right. (For example if you need an audience that only consists of only those with a particular last name of "Smith"- you would select the "Last Name" field)
  12. Once you have dragged the fields you want onto the canvas, customize the operators (is equal to, is not equal to, etc) and add your value criteria in the blank fields next to the fields you dragged onto your canvas.
  13. To delete a field, hover over the right side of the screen next to field box and a trashcan will appear, select it to delete out the field if you don't want to use it.
  14. When you are satisfied with your filter criteria, click "Save"
  15. Name Data Filter, keep naming convention the same if you are also building automations or journeys or data extensions related to this filter
  16. Add a description to help others understand what this filter is for
  17. Leave "External Key" blank
  18. Choose the location of where you would like to save your filter (or create a new folder for the filter to live in)

Now that the filter is created, you can use it in an automation. One of the most common reasons to do this is so that on a regular interval the filter will look for people that meet the criteria and inject them into a journey.  If you want to proceed to that process- look at the following knowledge article.



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