Accessing and Getting Started with PeopleSoft Student Information System

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Information Technology provides system administration and development support for Student Information System (PeopleSoft), a comprehensive suite of software serving as a system of record for academic administration. 

  • Students use similar tools to securely register for classes, check their grades, and view class schedules.
  • Faculty use online tools to securely view their teaching schedule, check class rosters, record grades, and view course information.
  • Authorized University staff use the system to manage the entire student lifecycle, from recruiting and admissions to student services through graduation. It's secure environment provides web-based access from any location.

The information contained in the Student Information System is critical to a number of departments at the University and must be centrally maintained. In addition, the system contains protected data and must meet specific security criteria for storage and access.



Getting Started

Requesting Access to the Student Information System:

Completing the request process

Enhancing your Student Information System experience:

Accessing PeopleSoft on your mobile device

Using the Student Information System:

Accessing your account anywhere


More Ways to Get the Most from the Student Information System

How to Check a User's PeopleSoft Role

When requesting access for a new user, you may want the new user’s access to be very similar to the access of a current user. You are not able to use the online Federated Authorization Request form to automatically duplicate another user’s access for a new user. However, designated security contacts can quickly look up a user’s roles in PeopleSoft, and then use those roles as a reference as you complete the form.

To do so, complete the following steps:

  1. Log in to My Pitt ( and click the PeopleSoft Student Information task.
    Click the PeopleSoft Student Information System task.
  2. Click the PeopleTools link on left-hand side of the page, then click User Profiles under the Security folder.
    Click PeopleTools, then click user profiles.
  3. Click User Profiles again.
  4. Enter the username of the person you want to view next to “begins with,” then click Search.
    Enter usernam of the person you want to view
  5. Click the Roles tab. The individual’s first ten roles will display. If the individual has more than ten roles, click View All.
    Click the Roles tab.
  6. To download all of the roles in an easy to read and exportable format, click on the Download User Roles Table to Excel spreadsheet icon.
    Note: Rename the saved file or save the name of the file to include the username, since the filename output will not be specific to the user.
    Click on the spreadsheet icon to download  as an Excel file
Viewing PeopleSoft training from the Office of the University Registrar


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