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Self Service is an application install on Apple computers managed with Jamf. This application creates an environment for users to interact with IT quickly, efficiently, and all doing so in just a few clicks.


You will user Self Service for popular tasks such as Updating MacOS, Adding/Managing Department Printers, Installing Applications, etc. by using the Policies built by Pitt IT (Examples Below)


You can find the Self Service App in the Applications Folder


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Pitt IT Policy Examples located in Self Service

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  • To initiate a Policy you will click “Install/Update/Retry/Reinstall” underneath the Policy you wish to run.


Action Buttons Explained/Association

Update = Software updates such as MacOS updates


Install = Applications, Printers, General Installations


Retry/Reinstall = You will see this verbiage used after you have ran a policy for the first time. In some cases, you will use a policies every so often that you will just click “Retry/Reinstall” which also stands for “Run/Install” when used being multiple times.


Example: Each time you change your Pitt Password you must run the “Pitt IT Enterprise Print Keychain Reset Policy” to ensure your password is updated to use Departmental Printers. The verbiage used will be “Install”, but following that first time the verbiage will change to “Reinstall”.


Policy Details


Some Policies will have “more details” in the description area as well as steps to carry out following the install.

To view those detail, click on the policy as shown below.

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Example of “More Details” 

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