Lenovo Battery is not supported Error

The Error

"The Battery installed is not supported by this system and will not charge. Please replace battery with the correct Lenovo Battery for this system".


What it does

This error when it appears will also prevent the you from charging your device.


Possible Solution(s):

A simple possible fix to this is performing the blow steps.

  1. Remove all peripheral devices, including power adapter
  2. Shut down the system and ensure it is powered off completely prior to next steps.
  3. Press and hold Fn+S+V Keys for 60 seconds
  4. Press and hold Power button for 60 seconds
  5. Connect the power adapter and supply power to the system
  6. Start the system as normal
  7. Verify the issue is resolved

While this may or may not help with the issue, you can always visit the Drop in Support Desk to have the device checked out!

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