Incorrect or Request to Change Primary/Legal Name in PeopleSoft and/or Canvas


If an applicant, student, faculty or staff discovers their primary/legal name is incorrect in PeopleSoft, or request to change their primary/legal name in PeopleSoft, they have various recourse options for getting their name updated. If a student, faculty or staff's name is incorrect or needs changed in Canvas, it is likely based on the name in PeopleSoft, so following the information below will most likely address the name in Canvas as well. It may take a day or two for the updated name to propagate to Canvas after it is updated in PeopleSoft.


If the student's information is still at the applicant stage (i.e. not matriculated and does not have prior academic history as a student), it is possible someone within the department's admissions office may be able to process the name change.  Applicants should contact their school/department admissions office.

Students who have been matriculated and/or have prior academic history, should be able to log into HighPoint CX and navigate to My Profile > Change Primary Name.

Faculty and staff should refer to Office of the University Registrar - Personal Information for information on updating their name in PeopleSoft.  A common scenario is an individual that has academic history as a student in PeopleSoft with their maiden name is now an employee (staff or faculty) in PittWorx (HR/Payroll) with a married name, or a name change associated with the employee record has occurred which is not reflected in PeopleSoft.  Since an individual in this scenario has academic history as a student, we cannot systematically change their name in PeopleSoft based on their employee record in PittWorx.  The name change must be processed by the Office of the University Registrar

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Office of the University Registrar - Personal Information

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