Enterprise Digital Signage - Standard Configuration - Recommendations


These are some general guidelines to follow when configuring your Digital Signage Device.

Windows Device Configurations
  1. Desktop Background:

  2. Desktop Icons:

  3. Taskbar:

  4. Display Scaling:

Display Configuration

Display Settings Guide: Optimizing Your Screen

When adjusting display settings, keep in mind that terminology and options may vary across different devices and manufacturers. However, these guidelines will help you make the most of your screen real estate:

  1. Display Zoom: Set to “None” for the original display size.
  2. Display Format: Choose “Native” or “16:9” to ensure optimal content presentation.

*Remember to explore your device’s menus to find these settings, as they might be labeled differently based on the manufacturer. Enjoy your content on a well-optimized screen!

Optional Advanced Configuration

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