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Pitt Information Technology offers Enterprise Digital Signage, powered by Poppulo, to help University departments create and manage the content that is displayed on their digital signs. The software enables content administrators to publish almost any type of content: video, websites, PowerPoint slides, maps, Twitter feeds, live data, PDFs, and more. Signs located in different buildings can be managed from one location. One department can easily share and display its content on another department's sign to facilitate collaboration and communication across the University. Emergency alerts can also be displayed on enterprise digital signs by the Pitt Police in the event of a campus emergency. Pitt IT provides consulting to departments to help them determine what hardware best meets their signage needs and training to individuals who will be managing their department's signs.



Whether you already use digital signs or are considering deploying them for the first time, Enterprise Digital Signage software can make it easy to create great looking signs that can display almost any type of content.


The content player and manager software tools enable easy uploading, publishing, and managing of content on digital displays (LCDs, plasmas, projectors, LEDs) and sign players in the preferred locations you wish to publish content. In addition, they enable:

  • Easy clearing of the content player cache
  • Deploying of custom images for wayfinding buttons
  • Restarting the player at a specified time of day or at a specific time interval
  • Taking screenshots of the monitor
  • Deploying MP3 content to players
  • Copying and pasting reoccurrence settings from one item to another
  • Using video synchronization to simultaneously play video content on a group of players
  • Enabling continuous horizontal and vertical scrolling of live data on interactive signs
  • Leveraging content approval workflow for your digital signs

New to Digital Signage?

Get up and running quickly with pre-formatted sign templates. Just pick your content and drop it in!

  • Publish almost any type of content: video, webpages, PowerPoint slides, maps, Twitter feeds, live data, PDFs, and much more
  • Manage multiple signs in different buildings with one user-friendly interface
  • We can help you identify the hardware that is best suited to your needs

Want to Enhance Your Current Digital Signage?

  • Share your content on other departments' signs to reach a broader audience
  • Receive 24/7 monitoring by the Network Operations Center

Request the Service

Call the Technology Help Desk at 412-624-HELP (4357) to request the service. New subscribers will be invited to a training session.

See Digital Signage in Action

Stop by any of the following locations that use Enterprise Digital Signage software to see it in action:

  • B-40 Alumni Hall
  • B-06 Benedum Hall
  • Bellefield Hall (second floor)
  • G-25 Cathedral of Learning
  • G-27 Cathedral of Learning
  • G-62 Cathedral of Learning
  • 717 Cathedral of Learning
  • 230 David Lawrence Hall
  • 112 Hillman Library
  • 120 Sutherland Hall
  • Walk-In Support Desk in the Litchfield Towers Lobby
  • Walk-In Support Desk in the University Store on Fifth

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The cost of Enterprise Digital Signage depends on how many content players you plan to use. A content player is the machine used to drive the display of your signs. There is a recurring annual maintenance cost of $100 per content player.  This license fee is due at the time of implementation and renewable annually on April 1.

Help and Training


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POPPULO/FOUR WINDS Pitt Information Technology offers Enterprise Digital Signage to help University departments create and manage the content that is displayed on their digital signs.