Getting Access and Using BeyondTrust Secure Remote Support


BeyondTrust Secure Remote Support (SRS) is the remote IT support solution included in the Enterprise Device Management (EDM) program. BeyondTrust SRS gives department IT admins the ability to securely connect to and control customer computers, servers, or mobile devices for the purposes of providing support and guidance.

BeyondTrust SRS utilizes BeyondTrust Remote Support and works across Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, and Chrome OS.



How to Request Access

BeyondTrust SRS is exclusively available for customers of the EDM program, which packages BeyondTrust SRS with additional enterprise tools and services that enable departmental management of applications and updates on devices managed by Pitt IT.

Departments must be enrolled in the EDM program to access BeyondTrust SRS.

Current EDM customers

If your department is currently enrolled in the EDM program and would like to access BeyondTrust SRS, please complete this form. A Pitt IT representative will then contact you with directions for accessing the service.

Non-EDM customers

Non-EDM customers may request access to BeyondTrust SRS, however, these customers will be required to first enroll in the EDM program. Complete this form to request access to BeyondTrust SRS and to begin the process of enrolling your department in EDM. A Pitt IT representative will then contact you to lead your department through the onboarding process.

Pitt IT offers EDM to University departments at no cost. Learn more about EDM or view the program's Terms and Conditions.

Benefits and Features

Connect via URL or pre-installed Jump Client
Web Rep console
Secure file transfer
Command prompt with elevation
Access computers anywhere
Session auditing
Locate connected devices
Additional connection methods available


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