How to Access the PeopleSoft Departmental Aid Activity Report


The PeopleSoft Departmental Aid Activity Report which can be found by navigating to Main Menu>Student Financials>Pitt Student Financials>Department Aid Activity Report is now considered to be deprecated.

An easier to use Cognos version of this report has been created.


In order to get access to this report users need to:

  1. Get access to Student Mart Financials by submitting a FedAuth request.  Information on Getting Started with the Federated Authorization FedAuth Community can be found here.
  2. Request to be added to the Cognos group that provides access to Student Financials Cognos report by emailing Corey Jackson ( or Matthew Walter (

The Cognos version of the Departmental Aid Activity Report can then be accessed by navigating to Team Content>Student Financial Services>External>Departmental Aid Activity Report.


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