Sharing An Office 365 Calendar With Another Office 365 User


Resources such as mailboxes and calendars can be accessible to other users within an Exchange organization if the owner of the mailbox grants the appropriate permissions. Permission levels can be set to allow others to read or create items. 

Note: The ability to manage another user’s calendar or inbox is the role of a delegate. Configuring a calendar/inbox for delegate permissions is explained in the document Setting Delegates in Outlook.


Sharing Your Calendar


Sharing your calendar in Outlook is fairly simple:

  1. With your calendar open, click the Share Calendar (or Share in the browser version) button and select the calendar you'd like to share.Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)
  2. This will open the Calendar Properties window to the Permissions tab. Click "Add" to open the Add Users window, and search for/enter in the account of the person you'd like to share with.
  3. Once the person is added, select their name and select the level of permissions you'd like to give them.
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  4. Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)Click Apply to apply the settings, then click OK to finish (the web version automatically saves).


Viewing Another User’s Calendar

1. Once a calendar is shared with you, just go to the calendar in Outlook and look for Shared Calendars (People's Calendars in the web version) and put a check next to the calendar.

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