Unable to Access Grade Roster


This article provides information on causes and possible solutions for Faculty and/or class instructors being unable to access a Grade Roster.


If after selecting a Grade Roster, getting message Our records indicate that you do not have access to the Grade Roster for this class.”, here are possible causes including resolution steps.

  1. Possible Cause: The class has multiple meeting patterns and the school/department did not provide the instructor with Grade Roster access for one or more multiple meeting patterns.
    1. Resolution for Cause: Instructor should contact the school/department to have them provide the appropriate access to the Grade Roster for all the meeting patterns defined for the class.

School/Department Admin Instructions

  • Within PeopleSoft, navigate to Main Menu > Curriculum Management > Schedule of Classes > Schedule Class Meetings
  • Look up class in question, making sure the correct TermSubjectCatalog Nbr and Class Section are selected.
  • On the Class Instructor tab, check Meeting Pattern within Class Sections to see if multiple Meeting Patterns exist, looking at the pagination controls to the right of the Meeting Pattern heading.
  • For each Meeting Pattern that exists, within Instructors For Meeting Pattern, locate the instructor ID and Name in question, and update the Access appropriately.
    • Access=Approved (Instructor can access the grade roster, enter grades, and approve)
    • Access=Grade (Instructor can access the grade roster, enter grades, but not approve)

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This article is intended for Faculty and/or class Instructors looking to access the PeopleSoft Grade Roster to enter Mid-Term or Final Grades.

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