How to Create a Run Control ID in PeopleSoft


Run Control IDs are a set of saved instructions, also known as parameters, which are implemented either a single time or with a scheduled recurrence within PeopleSoft.  They are used as a key (with a user ID) for records that contain the parameters that a process needs at run time.  Run controls are unique to the login ID signed into PeopleSoft and cannot be shared between accounts.  They are needed when running specific processes, such as deleting an admissions application.

The purpose of this article is to explain how to create a run control ID in PeopleSoft.



Certain pages in PeopleSoft will require you to enter a value in a "Run Control ID begins with" field.  If you encounter this page (screenshot below) and clicking search returns "No results", you will need to create a run control.  

To create a Run Control, follow the steps below:

  1. Click Add a New Value.

  2. Type in the name of the Run Control ID.
    NOTE: If you will have to run multiple processes in PeopleSoft, best practices are to name the run control something specific to the process you will be running.  If you don't have to run multiple processes, simply name your run control your Pitt username.
  3. Click Add.

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