How To Setup A New Faculty & Staff Apple Computer


Please be aware of the following:

  • Data can ONLY be migrated using OneDrive
  • Standard laptops are pre-configured right out of the box—plug it in, log in with your Pitt credentials, let the start-up process complete, and begin using it from any location.
  • The device will automatically be configured for the Pitt environment and will be loaded with Standard Pitt Software, including Office 365, Zoom, Microsoft Defender, Global Protect, and more. You can also install additional software as needed.
  • Departmental IT support/Pitt IT does not need to set up your laptop. If you experience a technical difficulty, please contact the Pitt IT Help Desk.
  • Yearly MacOS updates are released upon request. Please submit a help ticket and Pitt IT can deploy that update to your machine. All minor updates can be initiated by the user without the assistance of Pitt IT.

Prior To Unboxing

Prior to unboxing and turning on the device, contact your department IT with the serial number from the original packaging. Do not turn on the device until you receive confirmation from them first.

Detailed Instructions After Powering On The Machine:

1. This is the first screen of Setup Assistant. Select your geographic region, then click Continue


2. Select your desired written and spoken languages.

3. Connect to a Wi-Fi network by selecting the network name and providing any additional authentication information. If you are connecting to WIRELESS-PITTNET or eduroam, enter your University Computing Account username and password. Click Continue.

Tip: This screen will not be displayed if the computer is connected to a wired network.

4. On the Remote Management screen, click Continue.

IMPORTANT: If you DO NOT see this message, please stop setup and submit a help ticket.



5. Review the information on the Pitt Passport Enrollment screen, then click Enroll.

A screenshot of a cell phoneDescription automatically generated

6. On the Pitt Passport login screen, log in with your University Computing Account username and password.

7. The Full Name and Account Name fields are prepopulated from your Pitt Passport credential.
Create a password for your macOS user account, then click Continue
From now on, you will use this password to log into your mac laptop. 

NOTE: This password is not associated with your Pitt Credentials


8. The standard macOS desktop will be displayed for a moment followed by a screen showing the progress of default software installation.

9. Once the software installation is complete, the progress screen will be removed, and the machine will reboot. Click your account icon/name, enter your Mac password, and log into macOS.


10. When prompted, click Enable Now to enable FileVault encryption.

11. FileVault will continue to encrypt the disk in the background.

12. You have now completed the setup and can begin using your computer.

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