Setting Up Multifactor Authentication with Duo



 Are you new to Pitt and need to setup Duo for the first time? Have you been using Duo, but just got a new phone and need to re-register? Do you want to register an additional device to use with Duo? Or have you been using Duo and suddenly it stopped working? Follow this guide and you'll be using Duo in no time!

Multifactor authentication, provided by Duo Security, adds another layer of security to your online accounts when using Pitt Passport by requiring two “factors” to verify your identity when you log in to a service: something you know (such as your password) and something only you have (such as your mobile phone, on which you will receive a login confirmation notice). 


Detailed Steps to Register Devices

First Time User
Existing User - New Device for an Already Registered Number
Existing User - New Device and a New Number
Existing User - Registering an Additional Device
Existing User - Fix Existing Device
Remove a Device You Have Registered

Additional Information

Did You Know?

You can still use Duo even when you don't have wireless coverage or cell service. If you have Duo set to automatically send a push notification or call your device, just click Cancel at the bottom of the webpage. Next, click the green Enter a Passcode button on the webpage. Open the Duo app and tap University of Pittsburgh to generate a passcode, enter it on the webpage, and click the green Log In button.

When possible, we encourage you to use the “Push” option because it is the fastest, most efficient authentication method. In addition, it is also the most cost-efficient option for the University.

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