How To Setup A New Faculty & Staff Dell Computer

Out-of-the-Box Setup Instructions for Windows

  1. Once you power on the laptop, select your geographic region and keyboard layout and connect to Wi-Fi. You will then be presented with Welcome to University of Pittsburgh screen and will be asked to sign in with your University Computing Account email address (note: the computer may restart before presenting this screen).

  2. On the Pitt Passport login screen, log in with your University Computing Account username and password.

  3. The setting up your device is displayed while the computer completes the setup process. Pitt IT recommends remaining near your computer until setup is complete. Depending on your Internet connection- this could take 30 minutes to several hours. Keep an eye out for any messages or prompts that require your attention.

    Note: Ignore the option to “continue anyway”- it's best to let the computer setup. If you experience errors you can contact the Technology Help Desk at 412-624-4357 for assistance.​​​
  4. Once Device setup section is completed, the computer may reboot - eventually you will see the Windows loginscreen. Enter your University email address and password.

    Note: enter your full email address, not just your username.
  5. The “Setting up your device for work” screen will come back as it is setting up Windows with your account. This may take some time (if it gives you an error, you can select “Continue anyway”).
  6. A Windows Hello screen will come up, it's recommended to skip this setup (just click on the option on the bottom left corner “Skip for now”).
    Note: Windows Hello can sometimes interfere with some applications, which is why it's recommended to skip.
  7. Additional Security for your work from home device
    During the setup, the process will ask for a phone number to verify and register the device. This is a security feature that the University of Pittsburgh is using to make it harder for a hacker to sign in with a stolen password. Be certain to select an option that you have access to, because you will be receiving a call/text for verification.

    Note: sometimes Microsoft already has a verification number for you and instead of the above screen it will default to trying to call the number on file for you. If at this step you don’t receive a call/text, please call our 24/7 Help Desk for assistance at (412) 624-4357.

  8. Pin setup - a​​​​t this time the university of Pittsburgh is requiring you to set a pin.

    It can be used alternatively to your password when logging onto your computer. However, it will not authenticate you to other services (example Wireless-PittNet, shared network drives, etc.) It can either be all number, or if you check the “letters and symbols” box you can have the pin include letters and symbols.

You can now login and start using your computer!

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