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Accessing and Working with Grants Forecasting and Fiscal Panther (Tableau)

Two budgetary management tools—Fiscal Panther (Tableau) and Grants Forecasting (Oracle Planning & Budgeting Cloud Solution​ or Oracle PBCS)—are now available for grants administrators, financial approvers, department administrators, and responsibility center business managers.

Getting Started with Operating Funds Forecasting and Fiscal Panther Hub (Tableau)

The Operating Funds Forecasting application and enhanced Fiscal Panther Hub (Tableau dashboard) allow stakeholders involved in University financial operations to centrally manage budgets, track expenses, and provide forecasting for all entities.

Getting Started with Tableau Desktop and Tableau Server

General information about Tableau software

How to Create, Save, and Open a Custom View in Tableau

You can save filter and parameter settings on a Tableau Dashboard that has been shared with you to one or more custom views, and even change your default view to one with customized filters and settings.

Tableau Dashboard for Pitt IT-Hosted Services

This article describes the Tableau Dashboard for Pitt IT-Hosted Services which gives users the ability to view and access their Pitt IT hosting costs in one simple-to-use location.