Understanding and Obtaining Software/Application Support


Pitt Information Technology (Pitt IT) provides support for your computing experience at the University through the Technology Help Desk and our support teams including  Student Technical Consultants and Core Consultants.



Windows or Mac

  • Pitt IT will help you to install and configure software on your computer. This support is provided for software currently available through the software distribution service if you have a valid license and the software on media such as CD. If you obtained software from sources other than the software distribution service or have software which is no longer supported by the vendor, Pitt IT will make a best effort to support the installation and configuration of this software if you have a valid license and the software on media such as CD.
  • Pitt IT does not provide hardware support for computers, printers, scanners, or other peripheral devices. However, we will assist you with the installation and configuration of these devices, including downloading manufacturer device drivers. Pitt IT does not provide functionality support for hardware products.
  • Pitt IT will help you to configure connections to the PittNet Wi-Fi and Wired Networks.


Application Support

Pitt IT will make a best effort to answer your questions concerning the functionality of software programs offered by the software distribution service. We can answer many questions on commonly used software applications. However we do not have the depth to provide expertise on all software applications. For specialized software, such as engineering and statistical analysis programs, enrolled students should seek assistance from the faculty member teaching the course.

If you need assistance with software, please contact the Technology Help Desk at 412-624-HELP (4357).

Support for Computers on UPMC's Network

Pitt IT provides computer consulting support for University of Pittsburgh faculty. Some University faculty members, particularly those in the Schools of the Health Sciences, may be provided with network service by the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC). Although Pitt IT will provide consulting support to these faculty members, it is important to note that Pitt IT is unable to troubleshoot problems on the UPMC network. These issues must be referred to UPMC for resolution.

UPMC network security standards substantially differ from those of the University, in part due to the mandates of legislation including the Health Information Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) that controls electronic access to patient information. In order to ensure that all such data is protected, these controls are extended to the entire UPMC network, including service that UPMC provides to University faculty. Only UPMC central IT has sufficient information about the necessary security configurations to effectively diagnose and resolve problems experienced by its network users. This includes those of University faculty who may or may not be utilizing UPMC-supported application programs.

Pitt IT will provide consulting service in order to resolve computing problems reported by University faculty, regardless of whether the University or UPMC provides network service. Pitt IT will refer the problem to UPMC for resolution if it determines that the problem is a network issue for which UPMC bears responsibility.


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