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Contracts+: Conference and Events - Signature Venue

Detailed information on requesting a Conference and Events - Signature Venue agreement.

Contracts+: Conferences & Events – Hotels (Rooms and Conf Space)

Creating a contract request for Conferences & Events – Hotels (Rooms and Conf Space) in Contracts+.

Contracts+: Conferences and Events - Non-hotel

Detailed explanation of Conferences and Events - Non-hotel requests in Contracts+

Contracts+: Contract Payment Form

The article informs PantherExpress users how to submit a payment against a contract.

Contracts+: Loan for Use Agreement

How to enter a request for a Loan for Use agreement

Contracts+: Non-Disclosure Agreement

Information on how to obtain a non-disclosure agreement

Contracts+: Searching for your Contract Requests

How to search for a contract request.

Contracts+: Services Agreement

Information on requesting a service agreement

Contracts+: Software Payment Form

How to enter a software payment form

Contracts+: Updating a Returned Contract Request

Updating a Returned Contract Request

Finding Invoice Payment Status Information in PantherExpress

How to find and understand invoice payment information in PantherExpress.

Learn About Toad for Oracle (Quest)

Information about purchasing and getting started with Toad for Oracle (Quest)

Navigating the PantherExpress System

Navigating PantherExpress

Online Shopping for Your Departmental Software (PantherExpress)

University departments can purchase software through a convenient, easy-to-use online store. The Software Store integrates with PantherExpress, the University’s procurement and payment system.

PantherExpress Guidelines for Departmental Software (Audit/Home-Use)

The following Departmental Audit Guidelines will help ensure that software is properly licensed at the University:

PantherExpress Smartphone and Mobile Device Services

Discounts on smartphone services are available to students, faculty, and staff.

Performing a Document Search

Using the document search feature in PantherExpress


Ordering from Pitt's print providers using the PrintGizmo punchout in PantherExpress.

Purchasing Workflow

In-depth information on the buying, change request, and invoice discrepancy resolution processes.

Red Hat Server Software for Departments

Red Hat Linux is optimized for highly scalable, multi-cored systems, with a stable application development and production platform.

VMware Software for Departmental Purchase

VMware provides enterprise-class virtualization. Most enterprise-class VMware software titles are available for purchase by University of Pittsburgh departments.

Working with Suppliers in PantherExpress

On this page, you can find information on suppliers and purchase types. All University units are required to use University contracted suppliers, when available, to purchase goods and services. When contracted suppliers are not available for a particular commodity or service, University purchasers must follow the University’s competitive bidding requirements (review Policy FN 05), or directed or sole-source purchase justification requirements (review Policy FN 08).